Wealth structuring

To provide you with a solid basis for your future strategic decisions, we analyze your operational and private income, your liquidity and all your other assets. Based on this, we create a comprehensive status quo, develop potential investment and risk scenarios, and recommend optimization approaches for the entirety of your assets.

Wealth structuring

You can make concrete plans with us.

Strategic wealth planning is essential if you don't want to leave your economic future to chance. Supported by special software that has been individually developed for the purpose, we analyse your entire occupational and private income, taxation, liquidity and asset situation. 

We compile a summary of clear and comprehensible long-term prognoses for you and also look at specific scenarios. We tell you

  • How structure, risk and returns on your assets are behaving in the current situation as well as the optimisation measures you need to reach your financial goals.
  • How your wealth and liquidity can develop in the future - taking the current fiscal and yield-orientated parameters into account. 
  • How much money you need in order to be able to meet your commitments in the future and maintain your standard of living – even taking inflationary effects into account
  • How much longer you have to work before you can "drop down a gear" or continue to work in a reduced capacity.
  • How you can make provisions in both your private and business life for illness, occupational disability and death.

As a result, our strategic wealth planning provides you with a structured overview of your entire wealth as well as valuable information about potential risks and possible optimisation approaches.

Please note the information/risk warnings provided in the legal disclaimer.