Succession planning

If you wish to prepare and manage the hand-over of your estate to the next generation in a systematic manner, we can support you in developing a timely and sophisticated succession plan.

Succession planning

Your wealth follows your plan

Correct structuring of your wealth means taking more than one generation into account. Wealth often grows over a long period of time, which means over several generations and beyond. It is important to avoid any unnecessary splitting up of the acquired fortune in the event of successions, gifts or family events and to protect it against excessive tax payments. We also advise you on complex matters relating to wealth and corporate succession.

Our first step is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the status quo of your existing succession plans. Based on your expectations, and in coordination with external specialists such as lawyers, notaries and tax advisers, we then look for the right solutions for your individual needs.

The result is succession advice in the long term. You ensure that your last will and testament is carried out and avoid litigation among heirs. At the same time, you protect the solvency of the estate and provide financial security for your surviving dependants.

We are happy to act as executor in order to ensure that the agreed plan is carried out in accordance with your exact wishes.

This way, we make sure that the directions of your will are implemented in full. We deal with any possible conflicts at the outset and help to resolve them in a way that is consistent with the wishes of the testator.

The execution of your last will and testament is a matter of trust. Feel free to get to know us and convince yourself of the prudent nature of our estate administration experts. We want to reassure you that your wealth and life's work are in good hands – now and in the future.

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