What makes us different?

HSBC's global network provides you with the contacts and, above all, knowledge you need to exploit investment opportunities. With our resources in the area of portfolio management and investment strategy, we help you to preserve, manage and grow your wealth, and achieve your goals.

Global insights

The Global Investment Committee brings together the most senior investment specialists, to identify new trends and provide a long-term view. Our investment teams draw directly on these insights, enabling you to benefit from a unique source of expertise. Your local team can make tactical recommendations and help you use these insights to shape your investment strategy.

You’ll also have exclusive access to our global insights through our series of quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily publications.

Global opportunities

HSBC is one of the most broadly based financial institutions in the world, spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Our connected capabilities enable us to provide insight into the particular investment climates in these regions. This means we can react quickly to market developments to connect you with the opportunities.

Our areas of expertise include:

Emerging markets

Our extensive expertise in emerging and frontier markets enables us to deliver unique global portfolios to clients around the world.

Capital markets

As a leading capital markets institution with a strong balance sheet, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of structured notes and derivatives.

Hedge funds

HSBC is a leader in the hedge fund industry and one of the world’s largest custodians of hedge fund assets. The teams around the world use specialised analysis and screening models to identify new fund management opportunities

Foreign exchange

We are leading global market makers and foreign exchange traders. We trade in all tradable currencies, including Chinese Renminbi, across developed and emerging markets.

Mutual funds

Our dedicated fund specialists provide expertise across all major asset classes and markets.

Precious metals

HSBC is the world’s largest trader and custodian of gold, precious metals and base metals.

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