Investment process

We offer a structured investment process in order to consider and determine your individual wishes and objectives. We then offer tailored solutions to help you Grow, Manage and Preserve your wealth.

Investment Outlook Q1 2014: An introduction

How we build your investment portfolio

Building your Investment Portfolio

A clear structure dictates everything we do. This includes your personal and professional situation, as well as your individual expectations and objectives, which form the basis of your investment strategy. Strategic asset allocation is crucial for liquid assets. It determines the best combination of investment types or asset classes for your individual circumstances. We compile accurate investment solutions for you that suits your situation and meets your requirements. Depending on your investment goal, risk appetite and investment volume, we offer you an individual-security portfolio, a mutual fund, or a combination of the two. Our products are chosen as part of a detailed selection process for the individual investment classes and sub-categories. Our process stands out for its dynamism, as well as for the fact it integrates your personal wishes.

Asset Allocation

Your adviser analyses your financial situation with you and examines your investment aims and requirements. The selected risk structure then determines the distribution of investments in the individual investment classes. The result is your investment profile, which forms the basis for developing your portfolio in the future.

  • With strategic asset allocation, the parameters (risk and return figures) of the risk structure you choose will be examined in detail and a sample portfolio drawn up using mathematical/statistical procedures.
  • In tactical asset allocation, current market conditions are taken into account in managing the level of activity, in order to exploit existing opportunities and avoid risks.


Selection determines the concrete composition of your portfolio. Three decision-making criteria flow into the continuous selection process.

1. Your individual specifications and pre-determined investment guidelines have a decisive influence on the concrete composition of your portfolio.

2. A fundamental analysis based on the classic indicator-based procedure in conjunction with the opinion of HSBC Global Research.

3. Technical factors such as bond specifications, volatility, trading on electronic platforms and currencies.

Portfolio Monitoring

One aspect of competent portfolio management is absolutely fundamental: risk assessment of your assets. This is why our in-house specialists are always assessing to ensure that asset management is being conducted in accordance with the investment guidelines we agreed with you. We place a particular focus on ensuring that your portfolio has a meaningful minimum diversification level and no concentration of risk.

In addition, the team monitors compliance with all the legal requirements, consistent implementation of our investment processes (using deviation analyses) and daily risk variations (e.g. revised ratings).


A reporting procedure that is tailored to your individual needs and portfolio structure, offers you an ideal overview of your net assets, as well as asset structure and development. Comprehensive performance evaluation up to individual items is also possible.

Would you like your asset structure illustrated in sectors rather than risk currencies? Or maybe a portfolio assessment in dollars? Our tailored asset reports offer individual solutions. You can choose from more than 100 reports on individual assets. You can determine the best way for your report to be compiled for your precise purposes. You can decide how often the report is prepared.

You can even ask for your reports to be made available via the Internet, using a personal and secure login procedure on our homepage.

Please note the information/risk warnings provided in the legal disclaimer.