Discretionary management

Our private discretionary management service gives you something you can't buy on any market anywhere in the world: more time. Instead of having to grapple with complex financial and capital-market issues, you can invest in leisure time and quality of life.

Investment Outlook Q1 2014: Asset allocation

Time is more valuable than money

You only need to point us in the right direction, then we take care of day-to-day management and implement your wishes. "We" here stands for a co-ordinated team made up of your personal contact partner, investment specialists and – if necessary – a credit specialist.

Together we develop an asset strategy for you that is geared towards your individual objectives. We draw on both traditional capital market-based strategies as well as modern capital-maintenance models that can provide sustainable returns even in financial crises. Using a transparent investment process and well-balanced risk diversification, we invest your wealth in promising capital-market investments. We rely on in-house and HSBC Group global research. We operate independently and responsibly at all times.

Our experienced and competent asset advisers ensure that we respond flexibly and dynamically to changing capital-market conditions using our active investment approach, and that we increase the performance potential of your investments for you. We monitor your individual investment and risk guidelines at all times using the latest asset management technology. And we provide you with key portfolio services as well as regular, transparent reports.

Our asset management services, which have been tried and tested over many years, pursue your goal: to preserve, manage or grow your wealth.

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